I am a self professed foodie. Not in the pretentious way of snubbing every item I eat or making everyone stop for a selfie, but one that tastes long, enjoys the bite, the ambiance, the moment and the people it was shared with.


These moments inspire my creations in the kitchen and keep me walking the path of a life long learner. There is seldom a cooking class that I am not taking, a recipe I am not improving or a skill I am not longing to acquire.

LOVES: my hubby (Scott), my 3 kids (Aliyana, Carson & Jiah), our Mini Chocolate Australian Labradoodle (Lexi) and of course, coffee, croissants, sourdough, salad bowls and pretty kitchen items.

WHY SOURDOUGH: Bread is a universal food. Every culture has its form of bread. It brings people together. It is fun to work with. It takes time and patience - so worth the wait.
However, bread has gotten a bad rap over the past few decades. WHY? Isn't bread life? Bread is awesome, and when we make it with traditional methods, it is HEALTHY too! Many gluten-sensitive people do great with long-fermented sourdough. I desire to give bread back its place and people permission to enjoy it. When we treat our food right, it treats us right and isn't that beautiful! 
EDUCATION: By trade and degree, I am a business woman, but I have always felt a flair for the sweet creative side of the kitchen and my baking room aka the bake shop. I am a self made cook/baker, albeit from a lot of reading, classes and trial and error.
AWARDS & NOMINATIONS: Well the praise I most often get is from my hubby, kids, family and friends. Food is what I tend to give. Whether in a brown bakery bag, a party, a meal in a special moment or Taco Tuesday. I hope you feel the love in every recipe, course and blog post. Food is love in this home and I hope to inspire it in yours as well.

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