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Is Sourdough gluten free? The short answer is NO. However, through the long, slow fermentation methods we teach, gluten levels are significantly reduced and acceptable ppm levels for most people who are gluten free. It is very ESSENTIAL to use the long, slow fermentation methods we teach to ensure sourdough bread is safe for those sensitive to gluten. 


Do you have any information on the health benefits of sourdough bread? 

How Sourdough is Helping ... - Huff Post.          

Kaslo Sourdough - CBC News

Fry's Bakery  - CBC News.                   

The Rise and Rise of Sourdough Bread - The Guardian

Michael Pollan on Sourdough - Well and Good by Kristy Mucci

Why Sourdough Bread is Secretly Healthy - Nutritious Life

*I like that this article reminds you that sourdough is still bread - moderation is the key.


Online course schedule and offerings? Our current online courses are:

1. Sourdough Series 101

2. Sourdough Pastry Series

3. Gluten Free Sourdough Series (Guest Baker: Marissa Froese) *See details for each HERE.


How does the Online Sourdough Series 101 work? This course is structured over a 4-week period. ​However, you can do this class as fast or as slow as you wish (it never expires). We want sourdough baking to fit into YOUR LIFE and work for YOUR FAMILY. We also offer support in weekly LIVE Q&A and a private Facebook group to share success, challenges and any other questions that come up.​

  Bread - 2 recipes - 2 methods and a challenge

  Buns - 2 recipes - 2 methods and a challenge

  Pizza and Focaccia - 2 recipes, 2 methods and a challenge

  Bagels and Pretzels - 2 recipes, 2 methods and a challenge


Do you offer in person classes? If you are interested in an EVENING CLASS, we do partner with the Start Fresh Kitchen for a really great night of sourdough and food! Dinner included. Visit their website to book, they do handle all of the bookings. Next class is Sep 20th.


Do you post and share your recipes? We have developed our recipes to teach home bakers how to make successful sourdough right from the beginning. We believe in the power of learning and as such only share our recipes with our registered students.


Do you have a physical store to shop? We do NOT have a physical shop, orders can be made online and shipped to you or can be picked up on Monday's from 12pm - 6pm at 710 Sutherland Avenue in Kelowna, BC. Our online store is always at www.shopssh.com. We do not offer a physical shopping experience at pickup.


Do you sell any of your sourdough bread or pastries? No, we do not. We are a teaching facility designed to help those learn about the health benefits and methods of sourdough. We are constantly experimenting, and are HOME BAKERS first; our experiments are used to feed our families.