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Dish Towel: Choice 15" x 26" Blue-Striped 24 oz. 100% Cotton Herringbone Dish Towel. Boasting a crisp, blue-striped color, this dish towel allows for quick identification to avoid cross-contamination. Then once you're done with it, it can easily be washed for a fresh start on the next job! Great for those sticky bread dough fingers!


Glass Polishing Towel: Keep the glassware spotless with the Chef Revival, 16" x 29", cotton glass polishing towel! The red pinstripes make it quick to identify and avoid cross-contamination. And, with thousands of microscopic fibers, this cloth is sure to pick up and hold dust, dirt, and liquids every time.


Flour Sack Towel: Cotton flour sack towel to keep your doughs draft free during the final rise. This is 36 x 36 inches, super soft after washing and will keep you very happy for years.


Diss, Glass Polishing or Flour Sack Towel

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